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Sabre Squads Calendar

Please use the drop-down button shown by clicking on the "Click To Select Fencer" cell to see your individual calendar and the competitions you have been nominated for.

The full Calendar may be dowloaded using the buttons on the bottom right of the embedded sheet.

Please regularly check the calendar, as events are added as information becomes available, and some events may be subject to change.

Some events have selection requirements from British Fencing or England Fencing. For any questions around selection policies and qualification, please get in touch at

Competition Entry Process for Academy Fencers:

  1.  Competition invites, information, and ticket links are sent by the Pathway Manager via both email and the Squad WhatsApp groups six weeks before the entry deadline. Reminders will be sent two weeks and one week before the deadline.

  2. Event tickets are purchased, and fencers are entered by the Academy -unless otherwise informed, please do not enter directly via Sport80 or the LPJS website.

  3. The week before the event, final information regarding arrival time and any equipment arrangements will be sent via email and the WhatsApp groups

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