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Academy School Scholarships

Congratulations on your selection

Welcome! We are thrilled to present you with a unique opportunity to discover your inner warrior and develop as both a Fencer and an individual.

At the Fencing Academy, we understand the importance of empowering young individuals to pursue their passion for Fencing while achieving personal growth. Through our Scholarship Scheme, we aim to provide talented students with the means to explore their potential and excel in this exhilarating sport. The Academy teaches 1,200 children a week. The Academy provides 20 Scholarships a term.

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What is the scholarship?

The Scholarship provides one month (4 sessions) of coaching at the Academy training Centre in St Albans fully funded by the Academy's Fighting Chance Fund. The sessions are designed to integrate the School Fencers with the Academy national and international athletes to provide a training environment that could inspire the children to pursue Fencing competitively.  


WEDNESDAY 6PM-7PM (7-11 Year olds)

TUESDAY 5PM-6PM (12-16 Year olds)

What happens next?

If you would like to accept your place, please use the link to complete step 1 of the membership process then purchase the Scholarship Package. It is fully funded for a month from placing the order. After that it can be cancelled anytime or will roll into an Academy Explorer Membership. 

Suitable participants will be invited to join the Academy once the 4 scholarship sessions have finished. 

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