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Frequently Asked Questions

We have made a list of the Frequently Asked Questions. Take a look through and if you have not found the answer to your question please reach out to our team who will be willing to help any way we can.

What is Fencing?

Fencing is a modern martial art and Olympic sport that developed from the training drills used to teachWestern swordfighting. It is one of only five sports that has been included in every modern Olympic games. There are three disciplines with slightly different rules -Sabre, Foil, and Epee, and hits are now registered on an electronic scoring box.

What is the basic aim of the game?

At its core, fencing is about hitting your opponent without being hit yourself. The weapons we teach at the Academy -Foil and Sabre-have additional rules that dictate who scores if both fencers make a hit at the same time. While these can seem complex at first, they largely boil down to “whomever initiates the committed attack first scores unless their opponent successfully defends themselves first.

You’re hitting each other with swords, is it safe?

Fencing is actually one of the sports with the lowest injury rates, due to the use of modern safety equipment. Injury risk is far lower than field sports such as football, hockey or rugby.

My child wants to start fencing! How do I sign them up?

The following link is our new member form that is filled out, we will be in touch to arrange a taster session or start them in an appropriate beginners’ course.

What do they need to bring to each session?

The following link is our new member form that is filled out, we will be in touch to arrange a taster session or start them in an appropriate beginners’ course.

My child has been doing school sessions and wants to fence more, which class should they be in?

We teach two out of the three Olympic fencing disciplines: sabre and foil. We currently only offer sabre as part of the development pathway, and our beginners’ courses teach sabre.

Which competitions should my child be doing?

Our Pathway Manager will communicate recommended competitions for each fencer through email and the WhatsApp groups.All athletes who are part of Academy Squads will have a personal event calendar which can be accessed here This calendar also includes birth year profiles with recommended competitions for fencers who have yet to join one of the Academy Squads.

How do I enter my fencer for competitions?

We do all of our competition entries through the club website on our Fencing Competitions page will also send the link to the event page with any communication of recommended competitions.

How do I purchase Academy kit?

Our Academy store is on our website here any item is showing as out of stock, please ask at the centre, as we may have more inventory available

Where should I buy fencing equipment from?

The Academy sells second hand kit at discounted rates that we recommend for younger fencers. For new kit, we recommend PBT, UNIC and Leon Paul for purchasing fencing gear, and have a variety of club discounts. However, if it is your first time buying fencing equipment, we recommend speaking with a coach for details on what to get.

Where can I find the class schedule?

Our weekly schedule and term dates can be found here note that some additional sessions are subject to change.

How do I sign my child up for a fencing camp?

All of our training camps can be found on our Events & Camps page run day camps for both youth and performance fencers during all term and half-term breaks, as well as two camps during the summer holidays.

My child wants to start doing 1:1 lessons.

Please get in touch at or talk to a member of the coaching team at the centre.

What is the cancellation policy for 1:1 lessons or classes?

Please refer to our terms and conditions

Does the Academy have adult fencing sessions?

We have an experienced senior sabre club that trains on Wednesday and Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Please contact Bryn at for information.We do not currently offer adult beginners courses

I have another question or concern, who should I speak to?

For enquiries related to classes/competitions, please contact Bryn at For enquiries related to school sessions or general enquiries, please contact the team at For any safeguarding/welfare concerns, please contact Maria at

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