Paul Davis Fencing Academy hosted the first match in the Hertfordshire School Fencing Sabre League in 2019. We welcomed  St Peter’s School and Aboyne Lodge School with the help of two PDFA Fencers. All Athletes fence incredibly well,  showed great determination and their confidence grew with every point. All fencers put in an excellent display of fencing moves learnt during their school lessons.

These Inter-School League matches provide a fantastic experience for young fencers who might be new to the sport and might be doing electric fencing for the first time. We thank our Academy leaders, who helped all fencers get into full fencing equipment for their matches and our referee for the evening, Tom who encouraged and explained all awarded points to make sure all fencers learnt from the experience.

We would also thank all parents for supporting the school league; we value their encouragement and cheering during the matches! Very well done fencers!

St Peter’s School 23 – Aboyne Lodge + PDFA 45