Paul Davis Fencing Academy welcomed St Hilda’s School to their first match and St Peter’s School for their second in the Herts School Fencing League.

It was a great experience for our young School fencers who showed great determination, team work and willingness to improve their technique. Both school fencers worked well as a team and supported and encouraged each other. It was the first or just the second time these School fencers used full Electric Fencing and both teams deserved full credit for their performance.

The School League continue to be a great platform to introduce School Fencers to Electric Fencing in a competitive but friendly environment. We thank our Academy leaders for helping School fencers get into Electric fencing equipment and our referees for the night, Archie and Tom who helped all understand the scoring system. A big thank you also goes to all parents for their continue support with the Herts School League.

St Hilda’s School 22 – St Peter’s School 45