Shield of Endeavour

The Shield of Endeavour is the Academy’ programme for developing Life Skills in our fencers, using opportunities and experiences in our fencing classes to develop our Fencer’s emotional intelligence.

Our 10 Life Skills

(offical videos coming soon! 15/04/20)











How the Shield works

Bronze – Inform

To acheive the Bronze level, Fencer’s will need to watch each video and complete the activity set out in the video. The Bronze level is all about gathering the information.

Bronze Attendance – attend all zoom classes for 1 term

Silver – Understand

To achieve the Silver level, Fencer’s will need to complete specific exercises and activities which are designed to use these skills in a way that the Fence gets a deeper understanding of their emotional intelligence.

Silver Attendance – take part in one of our Fencing Card competitions (coming soon) and attend a full term of zoom lessons

Gold – Implement

To achieve the Gold level, Fencer’s will need to provide examples from the wider world when they used these one of these life skills. They can record these experiences in a document of their choosing and email it to once they have completed them.

Gold Attendance – Complete Bronze and Silver and help promote the Academy either via social media or your own innovative way

Printable Shield of Endeavour

Download your shield here

You can download the document and fold it into your own shield to record your progress. Once we our out of lockdown you can complete the shield with your stickers.