Whilst we might find ourselves cooped up at home, we dont need to find ourselves missing our fencing. The Academy has put together some simple training videos that fencers can follow in the safety of their own homes. To support our members not only have we put together the teaching videos but will loan out a sword to any fencer who needs one and you get get your very own hitting kit from our website with a small donation to the Academy and postage.

Academy Fencing Live

Monday 4th Janaury – Friday 12h February 2021

Your Meeting ID and Password will be emailed by maria@teampdfa.com. If you have lost your details, please let us know via email or phone 07867897195

The sessions are split into age and ability from engagement sessions looking at hitting and footwork drills, Youth Development sessions to u20 performance sessions focusing on fitness, footwork and tactical analysis. The sessions will be delivered by the Academy coache.


Monday 6pm Sabre Bladework
Monday 7pm Foil Bladework
Tuesday 5:30pm Bladework / Footwork and Fitness
Thursday 7pm Video Analysis Foil and Sabre*
Thursday 8pm Cadet Fitness and Footwork
Friday 6pm Youth Footwork
Friday 7pm Cadet Footwork
* Video Analysis Included in Gold Package, additional cost for Bronze and Silver

Face to Face online content is 40 minutes followed by 10-15min time slot for stretching, self reflection and cool down.

1:1 private sessions can be booked in addition via maria@teampdfa.com and can cover – drills, tactics, theory, refereeing, fitness, goal setting and much more.

Online Training Disclaimer

All our online sessions are inline with British Fencing Guidelines and Academy Risk Assessments

  1. Training sessions will be recorded
  2. For all participants under 18 you have recieved your parents consent to join the session
  3. It is the Home Owners responsibility to ensure the space being used is suitable and sufficient for active movements
  4. Apprioprate clothing and footware, conduct and behaviour is required throughout the session
  5. Participants bring to the lead coaches attention any injuries or issues at the start of the session
  6. Use equipment correctly and only hitting your hitting mate and not another person
  7. There will always be a second Coach or the Academy Welfare Officer present during each session
  8. Our Welfare Officer is Maria Faustino maria@teampdfa.com
  9. All Coaches leading the sessions are insured to do so by British Fencing

To hire a sword from the Academy please complete the Code of Conduct which can be found via the button on the right of the screen and bring the form with you when collecting the sword. Loan out an Academy Sword here, when you have completed the Code of Conduct. The Sword is free but we ask for a small donation to the Academy to support our Community projects.

Get your very own FREE Hitting Mate from the Academy. Whilst the tennis ball and string are free, we would love your support for the Academy as ask for a £10.00 donation to support all the vitial work we are trying to continue for our community and team.

Sabre blade work session 1 - Flank Cut

Foil and Sabre Footwork session 1 - Jumps

Sabre blade work session 2 - Chest Cut

Sabre blade work session 3 - Double Chest Cut

Foil Blade Work Session 1 - Step Hit

Foil Blade Work Session 2 - Lunging

To help launch our online teaching course Academy Active Isolation we are starting a great new challenge #20secondchallenge where fencers need to record and share with the Academy how many time they can hit their new target in 20 seconds. Once completed share the link with us and nominate two friends/fencers to give it a go! Check out our Academy Head Coach Rhys Melia as he makes it look really easy! (dont be fouled!!)

Take part in the #20secondchallenge

Fencing | Fun | Friends | Card Game

Here’s a great family card game for all the Fencers and fencing enthusiasts who want that rush of competition adrenaline whilst in the safety of their own home! Download your starter kit and get playing!

This is a game of Tactics and Strategy!

What you need

2×5 Cards and Score Sheet/Pen

The Rules

Three players (two competitors and a referee). Each player has 5 cards, 1 of each action, keep your cards hidden from your competitors view. (the game can be played with 2 people, and they take turns at starting the game)

The 5 cards are : Attack Direct | Parry Riposte | Reprise de Attack | Attack Compose | Fall Short

  1. The Referee will say Engarde, Ready, Fence and the two competitors will choose their first card and place it on the table for both to see.
  2. The Referee will look at both cards and award the point to the action that would win in a fight
  3. The competitors keep their cards and play again, they can choose the same card as often as they want.
  4. If the action is simaltanious no one is awarded a point and the referee will restart the fight.
  5. If there is a situation where the actions are not simaltanious but do not result in an immediate point, the competitior to be the first to present a direct attack card (also known as a SNAP card) wins the point.
  6. The game goes to 5 or 15 points.
  7. Once the bout is finished, the three players rotate between Competitor and Referee

Good Luck and Get Playing!

Use the Orange button to download your own Card Game Kit and start playing today!