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  • Event ID: 220
  • Event Date: 01/11/2020
  • Booked Space: 0
  • Available Spaces: 40
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  • Total Space: 40
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WHEN: Sunday 1st November 2-4pm


DETAIL: Open to all Academy Members

Fencers will be in a Direct Elimination with matches to 5 points. Minimum of two matches each. Fencers will be randomly matched to their opponent. Once a fencer has been knocked out they are welcome to stay at watch the rest of the matches. All fencers need to download their Cards and understand the rules of the game before the event. Each match will be refereed.

Prize for the winner.

This competition is part of the Academy Shield of Endeavour

Find out the rules of the game and get your cards from our Online Training page on our website.



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