With the ever developing Coronavirus we are sharing our precautions that we have in place. Our approach is very typical to most of our schools and in line with the Government Advice. To date (13/03/2020) we are not aware of any reported cases at any of our schools.


Do not attend your fencing session if you are showing the symptoms of Covid19 or are in close contact with someone who is. Please emial Maria@teampdfa.com if you are unable to attend

Wash your hands before entering the fencing venue

The following points also remain valid

  1. Monitoring Government Advice
  2. Pausing on the shaking of hands for the foreseeable future (using the fencing salute for respect)
  3. Keeping in contact with our Academy network of Schools
  4.  Promoting good hygiene
  5. Increasing the frequency of equipment maintenance
  6. Facilitating the purchase of your own equipment – Discount code PDMG2020

This information will be updated fortnightly or if there is a significant change in the current circumstances or new advice from the Government.

If you have any questions regarding our approach please contact our Welfare Officer Maria Faustino: maria@teampdfa.com

For more advice on the Coronavirus please use the Government Website for Public Health England.

Paul Davis, Academy Director