Paul Davis Fencing Academy welcomed back Chesham Prep schools fencers on their second match in The Herts School Fencing League. Harry, Toby and Nikhil were selected to represent the Academy against Chesham Prep.

The excitement of the match is clearly reflected on the final result. Both teams fought every point and showed great determination and team spirit. We saw an excellent array of fencing moves from both teams, lots of defensive parries and counter attacks that generated key scoring points. Great team effort! It was the first or just the second time some of the fencers used full Electric Fencing and both teams deserved full credit for their performance.

The School League continue to be a great platform to introduce School Fencers to Electric Fencing in a competitive but friendly environment. We thank our Academy leader for helping School fencers get into Electric fencing equipment and our referees for the night, Scott and Daniel who helped all understand the scoring system. A big thank you also goes to all parents for their continue support with the Herts School League.

Chesham Prep 44 – PDFA team 45