Memberships are paid in 3 installments December | March | August and cover 38 weeks of sessions. Some terms are longer than others.

All memberships bookings will have a £5.00 booking fee added at check out

Whilst We finish the renervations on the Hertfordshire Combat Centre we will be running our usual membership packages and schedule at Sandringham School and St Georges School for the first half term 4th January – 12th February 2021

Memberships for February 2021

Mini Explorers: 4-6 year olds

Package: 1 x 30 Minute Session per week | Equipment provided | £110.00

Description: ‘mini explorers on big adventures!’. These classes are designed to be fun, active, learning environments for the want to be pirates, warrior, jedis and Olympians. Perfect for Girls and Boys teaching essential life skills like communication, team work, independant thinking and accountability, physical literacy and so much more, all whilst sword in hand!

Academy Flexi: 7+ year olds

Package: 4 x 60 minute sessions a term | £65.00

Description: We know schedules can be hard to keep so we have made a membership that suits the free spirit the ‘on the roader’. Fencers can attend any 4 Explorer sessions a term, and pick up where they left off. Its as easy as that!

Explorers & Exlporers Plus: 7-11 year olds, 12-16 year olds, 17+ year olds

Explorers Package:  1 x 60 minutes a week | Divided by age groups | Equipment Provided | £169.00

Explorers Plus Package:  2 x 60 minute a week | Divided by age groups | Equipment Provided | £256.00

Description: The perfect membership for those who want to explore their abilities and go on a journey or discovery and connection through mind and body. These sessions provide a holistic learning experience covering the essential skills of the Olympic Sport of Fencing, with clear progression through the sessions with a strong sense of social connection. Whilst competing is not the focus of this membership there are plenty of opportunities to experience the thrill of competing!

Development: 8-11 years old, 12-17 years old

Package: 3 x 60 minutes per week | Taught by Head coaches | Equipment can be Hired | Divided by age | £304.00

Description: Designed to guide our Youth Fencers towards a more indepth understanding of the Olympic Sport of Fencing and the fantastic opportunities to provides as a competitive athlete. The structure ensures flexibility in session plans and ensures the correct balance of focus, drive and enjoyment. With this package two sessions can be combined.

Performance: 12-16 years old, 17+ years old

Package: 4 x 60 minutes a week | taught by Head Caoches | Divided by sessions | £350.00

Description: Intensive and Focused. This training programme is designed to support our members to excel to the top of the Sport, preparing Fencer’s to competing internationally. Alongside this package Fencers should be having regular 1:1s

Invitational: 12-16 years old, 17+ years old

Package: Weekend Sessions | Divided by Gender | £50.00

Description: Offered to selected Fencers who will receive a bespoke training plan to support them at the top of their competition performance.